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Scott Gardiner

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Vickie Lincks

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About VCAL

VCAL was established in 2014 as a means for coordinating veterans services in Louisville and promoting veteran-friendly community relations. VCAL is a comprehensive network, comprised of veterans, veteran service providers, and other community members who care about the state of veteran services and veteran relations in Jefferson County.

Louisville is home to many veterans who are able to adjust to the civilian world quickly, using their various skills, talents, and leadership qualities to establish successful, thriving lives. A fraction of veterans, however, struggle to overcome a wide range of obstacles that may be directly related to their service.  Communities are being urged to look at the issues facing local veterans and their families and take a greater role in helping service men and women reintegrate when they return home.

As citizens, we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families.  The Research guide and Community Assessment is only part of the solution. No one person or organization can lead community-wide change. It requires disciplined, collaborative efforts. By bringing together key stakeholders, VCAL presents a holistic community perspective that will drive the network’s initiatives. It is our vision that these initiatives will make Louisville the most supportive and responsive community in the nation for veterans. Every veteran living in Louisville will have the coordinated support and access to services that ensure an optimal quality of life and quality of place.

The purpose of VCAL’s initiative is most adequately stated in our Mission Statement: to create an integrated network of support for veterans and their families by coordinating services, resources, and initiatives to increase communication across organizational lines, enhance quality and delivery of services, and promote veteran-friendly community relations in Louisville.